Saturday, October 16, 2004

Halo 2 Leaked

In a horrible turn of events for the gaming community, GameSpot reported today that a complete version of Halo 2 was leaked to the Internet last night. Although Microsoft is standing by it's official release date of November 9th, with the scandal and subsequent delay of Half-Life 2 about the same time last year I as a gamer now worry what this means for what is probably the most anticipated FPS this year.

The largest cause for concern with games that are leaked is that if the source code for the game is openly available, hackers will probe the code for vulnerabilites. With games such as Halo 2 that feature XBox Live support, these vulnerabilities can pose security risks and can allow the otherwise unworthy to emerge victorious by finding ways to cheat.

With pre-orders for Halo 2 topping 2 million copies, I am certain that the legal department of Microsoft is currently conducting a Witch Hunt of the likes that would impress even the most stoic Spanish Inquisition. I only hope that I can frag and be fragged in "fair-play" and not see Hack$RRulez0r scoring 4,000 kills per minute by using some mod or exploit.


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