Friday, October 15, 2004

Is it too late to learn?

Do you reach a point in life where you can't change your situation and just have to make do with what you've got? What if you're really unhappy with what you're doing? These questions were raised in our family in August of last year when Tiffany (my wife) decided that she did not want to file papers and answer phones for the rest of her life. But after seven years of college and a bachelor's and masters degree in politics, losing all interest in the arena offered few other choices.

So we talked about what would hold interest, and finally discovered that it lay on the other side of the academic spectrum in the field of BioChemistry. After many months of groundwork and financial planning, she finally began her studies at OSU in a field that she has not touched in over 10 years. A scary prospect for anyone. But apart from the commute being a real bear at over 70 miles each way, the rewards both academically and to her self-esteem are already worth the price of admission.

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Picture taken at a BioChemistry club picnic at OSU.


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