Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanksgiving traffic....

Thanks a lot! People on their way to their Thanksgiving get togethers were making my life hell on the way home tonight. Something about a long road-trip and being on the same road that I use to commute meant that several idiots were forced to pay no attention while driving over 2 tons of metal at high speeds. Fortunately there were other large pieces of metal there to stop them, that and some concrete barriers and ditches. I crawled past 4 minor accidents on 26, 217, and I5 on my way home. All of the accidents were low speed shunts by the looks of things, presumably caused by changing a CD, turning around to talk to the kids, or general stupidity.

I fail to see how the word 'accident' can be applied to something that I call 'predictable'. An ACCIDENT implies something unavoidable that was beyond the scope of reasonable mitigation. Whereas when you place continuous lines of cars bumper to bumper on wet, dark roads and have people paying absolutely no attention while they are driving, they should be refered to as 'results' or 'outcomes'.

However, what really burns me on a night where I have already been sitting in traffic for over an hour due to needless 'outcomes' is when I see a brainless waste of skin reading a book to his kids who are in the back seat while driving down the road. Additionally, this isn't just reading while stopped in a line of traffic, but resting a large picture book on the steering wheel while regularly turning round to show the kids the pictures at approximately 45 mph in heavy traffic. Needless to say that tonight saw multiple additions to my 'List of people I HATE'.

OK, rant over...but seriously people, can we try really hard to reduce the number of 'outcomes' on the road...PLEASE!!! Accidents I can handle, but a constant stream of wrecks that could be avoided by just maybe looking FORWARD while driving!!!


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