Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Requirements & Specification

Quick reference to a lesson we all should heed about requirements, specifications, and the danger of making assumptions:
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Prease Flasten Your Sleat Bert

As though it were of no concern to the well-being of other fragile minds, a document was circulated for review amongst myself and several work colleagues that was harder to read than an olde english text translated by a non-engligh speaker into pig-latin and then encoded into base-64. I believe that peer-reviews are among the most valuable of tasks that can be performed at work, especially in software development. However, when the first hour of the review consists of nothing but untangling webs of lexical confusion, the value of the process is utterly lost. The actual content of a document cannot be reviewed until the rot and decay of partial sentences, inconsistent references, and calamitous word-choice have been purged. Our poor reviewer does not now have the energy, inclination, or required sanity to actually perform the crux of their task. The whole process begins to feel like climbing a steep mountain of sludge, carrying a backpack full of steel anvils while angry gnomes throws rocks down upon your head.

So I ask that we all just take a few moments before distributing our disjointed excerpts and try to collect them together into something more worthy of review. At the least, try reading the document ourselves just once before hitting 'Send'.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Scion Pictures

I have (finally) got some pictures of Tiffany's new car ready to post. It had just stopped raining when I took these shots, and I was on my way to work (hence the Jeep with the open door) so no submitting remarks for photographic quality.

Here are the shots of Tiffany's new Scion XB:

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