Saturday, January 01, 2005

Christmas 2004

Tiffany and I had a fantastic Christmas this year. Unfortunately, due to pilot error with our digital camera, I will not be able to post pictures for a little while until we get a new scanner. I have gloss print photos from Christmas but nothing digital and our scanner is currently on the blink.

It was a nice and quiet two-seater Christmas, which I personally enjoy far more than celebrating with crowds. Tiffany and I both did very well with the presents we received, and I hope that people receiving gifts from us felt the same way. DVD movies were the order of the day, with over 30 hours of watchable material being given and received. I was pleased with my new sword, Myst IV, and a radio-controlled truck among other things. Tiffany opened many new toys and books as well as the somewhat intangible, but nonetheless pleasurable, massage appointment. Surprise of the day went to an HP photo printer received from Tiffany's parents. A most welcome gift that has already received much usage.

The meal was fantastic, the turkey tender, and the jacket potates well cooked. Liberal usage of Christmas cheer, a log fire, and blinking lights around the tree rounded out the entourage.

Merry Christmas to all & a Happy New Year!


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